Omar Regan

Posted by CDADawah On April - 23 - 2009

Omar Regan

Program Developer of Celebrity Relations for CDA


Omar Regan born and raised in Detroit Mi. He was No.3 out of a family of 12. He started writing songs at the age of 9 and performed his first show at 12. He later was offered a single deal from Tommy Boy Records that he turned down while waiting on something better, and he’s still waiting. However, he did have the opportunity to perform with Method Man, Redman, Krs One, Sugar Hill Gang, Royce da 5’9, Strike, MU, Undataka, and many others. Exploring another one of his talents, Omar jumped on stage as a Stand Up Comic, not knowing anything he was booed off the stage. Determined to redeem himself he went up the next week and the same thing happened, but the third time was the charm. He got his first laugh and didn’t look back. He went on to audition for a movie and caught the acting bug real strong and in 1999 he left Detroit for California. The road to success has been a long road with a lot of obstacles but Omar knows that as long as he believes and knows with without a doubt, that GOD will never fail him and that whatever he puts effort in, he will achieve, no matter how long it takes, So he is still on the road with his three “Rascals” (his kids), and They will all be there in a minute!

Omar Regan is a very enthusiastic and devoted Muslim. He reaches out to other celebrities presenting Islam to them. He also focuses on the upcoming generation of youth. He tries to present Islam as the solution for common youth problems, such as gang violence and drugs. Omar Regan, through his years of experience in dealing with Celebrities and distinguished individuals has been able to develop unique programs that will be a vehicle for presenting Islam to high profiled people in their own environment. He offers his skills to the Canadian Dawah Association as Program Developer for Celebrity Relations.  

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