Fautimah Chappelle Embraces Islam

Posted by CDADawah On April - 22 - 2009

Felicia “Fautimah” Chappelle accepts Islam

One of my blood brothers, Abdullah (William Chappelle) is visiting with his Muslim friend. At the time Abdullah and I are adults sharing a small two bedroom apartment. The year is 1995.


During this time in my life I am returning to the Midwest having outgrown the pleasures of my youthful folly. Many of my habits and lifestyle choices are no longer able to distract me from deeper needs and more mature hopes. All of the fun adventures and social norms that give thrill to teens, college years, and early twenties no longer suit me.


Eliminating a whole litany of empty pleasures, I move back home to be close to my family. The Muslim brothers come calling to have long detailed conversations with Abdullah, lasting often into the night and all of the talk is over my head. I am not used to that feeling.


There is one conversation between men that I invite myself to join. These brothers are usually discussing repentance, forgiveness, effort, sacrifice and results. The concepts hashed by these 2 men are sophisticated and laced with unfamiliar Arabic terms.


I am cautiously curious and enthusiastically demanding translations and explanations. I am asking questions. 


Exhausted with humoring me but still playfully generous, my brother Abdullah and the second gentleman make a very clear point. There are two kinds of people, believers and non-believers.


My eyebrows pinch and my brow wrinkles. I did not like that at all.


What? Wait a minute. Only 2 kinds of people? Why only 2 kinds of people?


I am thinking, “Can’t I just be cool with y’all?” I am thinking, “Why does it have to be an either or situation?”


They explain and make it clear what is meant. There are people with belief and people without belief. That is when I am clear. Either I believe or I do not believe.


Instantly, I accept and understand this truth. Abdullah actually says to me, “You are Muslim or you are not Muslim. You cannot ride the fence.”


There is something so compelling in the fact a choice is to be made. If there are only two kinds of people then clearly without a doubt I am most certainly a Muslim. I am either accepting Belief or without Belief in Laa illaha illAllah Muhammadur Rasoolullah?


Clearly 100% I absolutely do not want to be outside of this distinct grouping. It is not even a response to the feeling of exclusion. Nope. My heart recognises the honest truth and I step into the fold. 


Allah immediately shows a glimpse into His Mercy and a hint of His trials. The local community where I took my shahada is firm on sunnah wal jummat, so I become firm too. And the local community here is firm on zabihah meats and clean food ingredients, so I become firm too. The sisters here are firm on covering so I work towards that too.


Kalimah Shahadah is at once a Blessed Mercy and a Blessed Opening, alhumdulillah. Insha’Allah a desire for companionship with Allah (SWT) awakens inside and the endless search for moderation is unearthed.


The time comes to roll up the sleeves and make effort on steadfast consistency in establishing good habits and illuminating things that are simply not allowed.


Islaam is so beautiful and the perfect system and so much fun.

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    May Allah continue to His servants.

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