From darkness to light

Posted by CDA On May - 18 - 2009

From darkness to light

By Mohannad Sharawi Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH – Former American rap and hip hop star “Napoleon,” who embraced Islam in 2002 and changed his name to Muta’a, delivered a special lecture for women at Khadeja Bint Khuwailed Business Center at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) here last Monday.
Muta’a talked about his life experience as he embraced Islam and how he quit the music business forever to become an ambassador of celebrity relations for the Canadian D’awa Association (CDA).

Muta’a recently came to the Kingdom for the fourth time to perform Umrah along with his close friend Abu Huraira Shazaad Mohammad, president of the CDA.

“The main point of my address centered around two main key issues: how I left the darkness and came to the light of Islam and the significance status of woman in Islam,” Muta’a told Saudi Gazette in a special interview.

He praised the role of women in Saudi Arabia and the effective participation of Saudi women in various fields and D’awa work.

“I don’t have any future plans for more music or Islamic music projects as I have relinquished this industry forever,” Muta’a stressed.

“I have my own business and presently I am devoted to help my brothers in the CDA to preach other celebrity about Islam,” he added.

Muta’a was born in Newark, New Jersey, and his parents were Christians who embraced Islam before him.

His career as a rap star began in 1994 when he joined his childhood friend Tupac Shakur – the highest selling rapper in history.

Tupac recognized Muta’a’s talent as a rapper and in turn he joined the group called Dramacydal. After the death of Tupac in 1996, Muta’a “Napoleon” appeared in a number of albums. He sold over 60 million copies worldwide.

In 2002 Muta’a “Napoleon” Beale embraced Islam and performed Haj. He left the music industry and has become a member of the CDA and works as an ambassador of CDA’s celebrity relation program.

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  1. Oguz Said,

    hi my name is Oguz alhamdullah I am a Muslim I would like to mutah but I know of in Germany (Berlin), he will also visit times since then, we see ourselves times

    Posted on June 1st, 2009 at 6:31 am

  2. Bass Said,

    I love this man, mashaAllah, Muta`a had left a life that many others think they want for themselves, may Allah enlighten his heart more. the truth makes your views, likes and dislikes different.

    Posted on July 7th, 2009 at 3:13 am

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