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polycarboxylate superplasticizer

CAS: Product spec:50% solid contents
Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer PCE Powder Mortar Admixture Concrete Hardener Cement Water Reducing Agent Superplasticizers
Post Time:[2024-04-09 ]Wuhan Huaxuan High-tech Co., Ltd

Softening Agent

CAS: Product spec:silicone softening agent
Chevell textile softener line effectively combines voluminous and bulky feel, smooth drape or silky softness and hyhilic properties, making it ideal for, e.g., towels and other textiles in which water..
Post Time:[2024-03-25 ]Chevell Performance Material Group


CAS: Product spec:Water Oil Soil Repellent
C8 water repellent from Chevell provides durable water repellency (DWR), oil repellency and stain release properties to textiles and nonwovens, while maintaining breathability and the original soft ha..
Post Time:[2024-03-25 ]Chevell Performance Material Group

C6 Water Oil & Soil Repellent

CAS: Product spec:C6 Water Oil & Soil Repellent
C6 water oil & soil repellent from Chevell impart durable water and oil repellency as well as stain release during laundering, all while maintaining the original qualities of the treated fabric and le..
Post Time:[2024-03-25 ]Chevell Performance Material Group

Fluorine-Free Water Repellent

CAS: Product spec:Fluorine-Free Water Repellent
Fluorine-Free water repellent ECO REPEL is a PFC-free durable non-fluorinated water repellent treatment finish, engineered to deliver perfect combination of excellent water repellency and sustainabili..
Post Time:[2024-03-25 ]Chevell Performance Material Group

Flame Retardant Finishing Agent

CAS: Product spec:Flame Retardant Finishing Agent
Flame retardant finishing agent are type of chemical substance that is applied to textiles and other materials to reduce their flammability. Flame retardant processing on textile products can minim..
Post Time:[2024-03-25 ]Chevell Performance Material Group

Color deepening agent

CAS: Product spec:Color deepening agent
Color deepening agent is finishing auxiliary used to increase deepness or vividness of disperse dyes on polyester fabrics. By covering surface of fiber with a layer of low-refractive index material, d..
Post Time:[2024-03-25 ]Chevell Performance Material Group

Anti-Slip Agent

CAS: Product spec:Anti-Slip Agent
As market trend changes and spinning & weaving technologies progress, we are starting to see more light weight materials. Light weight materials tend to have seam slippage after sewing, so we need cou..
Post Time:[2024-03-25 ]Chevell Performance Material Group

Crosslinking Agent

CAS: Product spec:Crosslinking Agent
Crosslinking agent are applied in conjunction with dispersions or fluorocarbon resin emulsions. Crosslinking Agent enable better adhesion between the finish or coating and the substrate. In addition, ..
Post Time:[2024-03-25 ]Chevell Performance Material Group

Hygiene Protection

CAS: Product spec:Antibacterial Hygiene Finishing Agent
Bacteria grow by obtaining nutrients such as sweat and sebum that got on fiber product, and these sweat and sebum that were decomposed in this process cause the sweat odor. Ideally, medical textile..
Post Time:[2024-03-25 ]Chevell Performance Material Group
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